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Are services based on income?

No. All services provided by Bindora are not income based, they are need based services. 

How long can a Client receive services with Bindora?

Bindora is an emergency service. During the Pandemic a client can be serviced for up to 6 months within a year from the date of intake. After the pandemic that will be brought down to 3 months within a year from the intake date. After a client has maxed out their months of service an assessment for long term assistance will be conducted and referrals will be made. 

How many deliveries may a client receive in a month?

A client may receive up to 2 deliveries a month within the delivery windows of the Delivery 1 - 1st to the 5th and Delivery 2 - the 15th to the 20th.

How long does a client wait before being serviced?

Clients should not wait for any service more than 14 days from intake completion. Registration is not intake completion. A client must speak with intake personnel and turn in all requested information prior to being serviced. A client will not be placed on a service or delivery list if Intake has not been completed. 

What areas are serviced by Bindora?

Harlem, The Bronx, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, Yonkers and White Plains. 

All other inquiries will receive resources and referrals to services in their area. 

What services does Bindora provide?

Food Pantry Delivery, Diaper Bank Delivery, Educational Supply Delivery, Financial Education and Budgeting as well as Nutrition Education. 

What are your locations?

Bronx - Hunts Point 1231 Lafayette Ave 2nd Fl Bronx NY 10474 (718) 365-3800 ext 199 (Office)

New Rochelle - 173 Huguenot St ste 203 New Rochelle, NY 10801 (914)327-1097 (Mobile)

Instagram @Bindora972

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